The Brand

Lioness Hair was founded in 2009 out of a desire to provide woman of ethnicity with bundles that are an investment piece. After trying out numerous amount of hair textures and many vendors, a pleasant (and most welcoming) surprise came when Alyson (founder) encountered Filipino Hair. In order to check out its durability, Alyson, decided to use and managed to reuse the bundles for 5 years. After still receiving compliments about the bundles long after the hair had been obtained, this same gift was shared with the world at large in 2016. 


Lioness Hair focuses on providing 100% raw Filipino hair directly from hair donors in the Philippines. We have selected Filipino hair due to its thick, strong and soft properties. The characteristics of the hair is a reflection of the country’s multicultural ethnic landscape. The diversity of the Filipino culture means that their hair can easily blend in with the natural hair of various cultures. We communicate directly with hair donors to ensure that the hair is chemical free and manipulation free as this ensures you receive the hair in its most natural state.