Our Philosophy

We provide 100% raw Filipino hair directly from hair donors in the Philippines.  All bundles, wigs and hair pieces contain strands of hairs from a single donor which ensures consistency, quality and longevity. Hair is obtained from healthy individuals who are fairly compensated and are aware of what their hair will be used for. 

We obtain our bundles directly from the source and cut out all middle men to ensure you obtain the best extensions in the best condition.Our bundles are available in Straight, Beach wave and Body wave and suits a wide range of hair textures.


Our Filipino hair is handled with the utmost care to ensure that you receive your bundles in perfect condition. No chemicals are used during the washing and shampoo process and the different hair textures are obtained in its natural state. This helps to preserve the hair cuticles and maintains its natural lustre and shine

Due to this process, our bundles will last for a minimum of 2 years with the right hair care. 



Lioness Hair represents strength, beauty and boldness. Its aimed at women who embrace their beauty,and  know that the weave which they use to decorate their head only enhances their inner beauty and does not mask it. Their hair is a reflection of their personality and signifies the creative streak embedded in every woman. 

We believe that hair extensions should not only look beautiful but should also be durable. As the hair is  derived from healthy individuals, we are able to provide customers with extensions which can last years. Our commitment to ensure quality and luxury extensions is provided to all woman of ethnicity and deliver great customer care has led to us attaining world wide status.