Lace Closures, Lace Frontals and Full Lace wigs: What's the difference?

Nothing makes a freshly done wig or weave look EVEN better than seeing either your slick edges, a clear cut parting or better yet both.

But remember this, despite how talented your hairdresser is, you have to ensure that you have picked the right hair items. Investing in the right hair pieces will ensure that you will have your desired look and still be able to reuse your hair items for time to come.

To create a flawless finish, you will need to use a closure or a frontal which blends in well with your bundles or a full lace wig which blends in well with your skintone. Here we will provide a rundown of the difference between them and when to use them. 

Lace closures:
A lace closure is usually placed anywhere on the crown of your head. It lays from the front of the head to midway across the head and is made from swiss lace. It typically measures from 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 to 7x7 and is only used to cover a section of your head. Lace closures are typically designed to be worn without glue. The thin material means that it is lays flat along your hairline and can easily be customized to match your skin tone. There are 3 styles available: freestyle (no parting), Middle part (straight parting in the middle of the closure) and 3-part (a parting on the left, middle and right side of the closure). More details can be found here. Closures are less maintenance and are ideal for first time wig or weave wearers.
Ideal style for closures: Side or middle part. 
Lace Frontals:
A lace frontal covers a larger area along the head. It is used at the front of the weave or wig and measures from ear to ear and typically 5”-6”back to the middle of the head. The hairline is often customized to create a natural look. Frontals can be parted at any direction along the hairline. The lace material also makes it easy to customize to match the individual’s skin tone. As a lace frontal covers more area of the head than a lace closure, less bundles are required. Further details can be found here. Frontals are higher maintenance than closure as they use adhesive however they look very natural.
Ideal styles for Frontals: All back, side or middle part. 
Full lace wigs
Full lace wigs cover the 

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