How can I pull off the right shade of blonde for my skintone?

Contrary to popular belief, there is a shade of blonde available for every skin tone. Blonde is far from being a one-dimensional shade and can range from a striking platinum hue to a creamy beige tone.

As blonde tends to be the go-to colour for spring/summer, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you pick the best shade for your skin tone.

So do blondes have more fun? We'll let you decide: 

Fair skin 

Platinum blonde and strawberry blonde works well with this skin tone. Our Icy wig has the best platinum tones. 


Tanned/olive skin: 

Platinum blonde to honey blonde compliments this skin tone the best. It creates a fresh and dewy look. Using a honey blonde hue at the roots and going down to a lighter shade will create a sultry ombre effect. 

Light Brown

Golden to beige blonde compliments light brown skin tone and creates a natural look. However honey blonde highlights can be added to add that EXTRA factor. Check out the the natural beige tones on our Mya wig here.

Medium Brown:

The blonde tone that works well for Medium brown skin ranges from: golden to beige to toffee blonde tones. A combination of all 3 tones can be used to create a unique blend. 

Dark Brown

Beige to honey to caramel tone falls towards the warmer end of the blonde spectrum and suits darker skin tones. Ash blonde tones also complement this skin tone. Check out our NINI - straight and NINI -wavy which both consist of ash tones.

Not ready to go fully blonde? Try these:

These features can be applied across all skin tones:

  • Dark roots – having roots with a dark brown base will help tone the colour down against your complexion and also help to make it look more natural. 
  • Highlights – adding beige blonde highlights to caramel brown hair can ease you into going blonde.  
  • Ombre ends – creates a subtle yet edgy change and allows you to get use to the blonde look. We're offering complimentary ombre service to our Elle wig until the end of May 2020.

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